Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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Culture "Crash" (As opposed to clash)

As most of you know, I now live on top of a mountain near the NY/NJ state line. The people who live up here are referred to, (And this is quite unfairly derogatory) as Jackson-Whites or mountain people. They do not however live up to their unfortunate reputations. We have found them to be warm, friendly and decent folks. They have some quirks and virtually all of them are tolerable. It seems that one of those things that everyone up here either owns and or rides all-terrain vehicles. The ATVs while a bit noisy are for the most part off the road and not on our property so we don't really mind them. Mind you the guy writing this used to live in the flight pattern for Teteboro Airport, so a running gun battle might not disturb me. Nonetheless, occasionally I'd see young kids riding these vehicles, on the streets and roadways up here, displaying their bravado by speeding, "popping wheelies" and burning rubber. I kept my concerns to myself and a couple of my neighbors. My concerns being the welfare of these unsupervised kids who seem a bit destined for injury. And my liability should they hit my vehicle or my wife's. Well, it would appear that was a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. On Saturday I was coming home from HOME DEPOT, having made a major purchase. (A new lawn mower) No, it was not a gift for Peggy. As I'm coming along the main drag towards my home I see two kids riding ATV's going quite fast and one of them riding on two wheels. I pass them and think to myself, that kid, maybe both of them are going to get hurt someday. I never imagined it would be that day. A few minutes later my neighbor Greg pulls into my dirveway and advises me Peg has been involbed in an accident with an ATV. I imedialtely saw red, cursed and got back in my van.I headed up the road and here is what i see. (See wreckage below)

Apparently the kid doing the wheelies continued his amazing feat as he sped along the road and drifted into oncoming traffic in the form of my wife in he brand new Saturn. She did everything she could to avoid him pulling to the right and coming to a stop... even leaning on the horn. The ATV litreally went right over the ar sending its rider airborne. He waid motionless on the ground for about two minutes. My wife called 911 and tried to assist him. His companion managed to get him up and they jumoed back on the ATVs (Amazingly his started right up) and left my wife in tears to wait for the local police. I have to admit the cops did the right thing, responding with 5 cars and investigating fully. They called to advise us on Monday that they have identified the rider, a 16 year old gentleman from NY who now suffers from some broken bones. We pick up the report tomorrow and will keep you posted.
By the way, Peg is fine and I'm happy to report this has not affected her golf game one bit.

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