Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Georgia O'Keefe

I was in this strange place, but inspiration often comes in strange places. I'd been wrestling with an image in my mind and it came to me. How I would do this thing. I don't think it was the place, more the opportunity to be inspired. I wonder if that's how it is supposed to work. Ron Seitler, you were right. Keep it simple! Thanks Ron, you are missed here.

Hard to see what's down the road if you can't find the pavement.

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Friday, March 25, 2005


John Barley Corn must die!

I'm mesmerized by the traffic on our monitor crawling across the GWB. Like a flood of lemmings headed for the sea. Quite literally a rat race.

Do you think Sonny Corleone would have benefitted from "EASY PASS?"

Start me up!


You totally rock! You are so cool!

Thanks for making my day.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Images of Tina


You are in my thoughts a lot lately. methinks that means we need to connect. It's getting warmer, the cameras are ready, come out and play soon!

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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Not much sleep.
I went to Chris Hubert's 50th birthday party and got to see much of the old Knuckleheads crowd. It was good to see them, I wish they/we were closer. But now I'm wanting for sleep and smell if cigarette smoke.
Bugsy the cat climbed up on the bed mid REM and planted herself on my chest. I appreciate her affection but if I lose anymore sleep to the cat, she is going to the Chinese place on RT 17.
A friend of mine asked me the other day, how do I surround myself with so many great people. I can tell you that it is not a conscious effort. While avoiding not-so-great people is. In fact it is becoming a necessary social skill.
I wish that many of my friends were neighbors on the mountain. I'd love to have them dropping in, hanging out, collaborating.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Post Paddy's Day

Just 364 more days...

I doing a lot of school stuff, so if it seems like I'm preoccupied I probably am.

Scheduling things is becoming a nightmare. So many variables, and people get so disappointed when you can't meet their schedules. Work is a constant, but family, friends and collaborators are not. I'll do the best I can.

Blogging is of some help. I'm sort of surprised by the number of people who regularly check in. Probably because they don't usually respond to what they see until I see them. That can be a while. No substitute for face to face... Not meant to be. Hey everyone, you can post ya know???

Below, an image of Tina. I takes me to a warm morning in the BCC parking lot. Something good for the soul.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Top of the hill... Top of the morning to ye!

Tis a great day. There are two kinds of people today: The Irish and those who wish they were.
I'm not going to get to the parade, this work thing keeps getting in the way. But is our day nonetheless.
March the 17th, Sleep the 18th!

It almost started badly. I came really close to hitting a deer on my way down the mountain. He was beautiful, maybe six points, really something to look at. But on the road he was a 400 pound bag of shit ready to explode on contact. Still, he was graceful even though his hooves skidded on the pavement. One of us was destined for the woods. I'm thankful it was him.

My cousin, bless her, found a Joseph Hirsch lithograph in the Salvation Army store, it was signed by Hirsch. She is thinking of donating it to the holocaust museum. Kathleen, you mustn't be such a slave to fashion by purchasing your wardrobe at the Salvation Army.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


What an excellent way to spend the day. A photo-shoot with my friend Liuva, then dinner and a movie with my wife. And the van did not give me any problems. Not sure how long that will be the case. We went to see "Sideways." An academy award winner for best adapted screenplay. I don't remember the last time I left in the middle of a movie. But it is the first time I ever felt like I'd been ripped off. I was tempted to ask for my money back. I guess I just didn't get it. I'm told the movie has a cult following. Or maybe they want their money's worth too. I had lunch with Bernard today. I hope the powers that be at WPU realize someday just how fortunate they are. Got a lot done.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005


My van failed to start today. Peg had to drive me in. I had gone looking for a new one the other day. It was acting up even then. The new one will be so very expensive. And getting it together is taking up more and more time. I'm not sure this is what Henry Ford envisioned.

The good news is my last check-up was pretty good. Hopefully I will continue to mend.

I'm busy.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I have a sense of accomplishment...

Yes, a real sense of accomplishment. Not like big realizations, or milestones, just managing. Not even excelling, just getting it done, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking of which, the hell happened to hockey? Yes, hockey, no, not Hockney. Another game screwed up by a bunch of lawyers. Maybe if ESPN would televise Ivy League hockey. Maybe NCAA women's hockey.
Nike did this really great piece, check it out: http://www.nike.com/Canada/nikehockey/lockout/

I'm going to look for new wheels next week. I have to face the reality that 197,000 is a milestone.

Some shooting coming up. I hope this weather breaks soon, a mild St. Paddy's day is usually a good thing.

Work is boring with the exception of my colleagues treating each other so poorly. Our lives would be so much richer if we made this a fun place to be. It could be like school, work as play. Speaking of which, this bathroom thing is going well. Need so more key personnel. (that's a hint)

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