Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I've got this student and she seems like a hardship case. I don't typically get involved in this stuff but I feel like if I don't get involved I'm going straight to academia hell. Some might argue that by teaching at BCC that I may already have arrived. But she could be one of the best cartoonists I've ever seen in a college setting.
Sometimes I wonder that if like me she is too proud and unwilling to accept charity or private funding And if she suffers from some of these deadly sins. Pride being one of the seven deadly Sins of St. Thomas Aquinas, (See Abagail Jones Blog) And if like me, she suffers from some of he others.
Either way I feeI have to get this kid to hit pavement running or frequent the gutter with the rest of the geat cartoonists, artist and yes, photographers. I hope she does not suffer from the same Irish Catholic hang-ups that I do, Or perhsps then again I do hope she does.
I don't belive I'm quaified to make this assessment but a boost to her self-esteem seems in order but I'm not sure from her blog posts if or how that can be done. Sounds like an arm wrestling contest to me even is she is up to the conest. But she should be warned that I hate to lose.

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