Monday, April 11, 2005

Late night/Early morning visitor

I was bored, it's stuffy in this office and it's like 3:30 AM. So I tell my semi-conscious colleague I'm going to step outside for some fresh air. It's kinda mild out so it's actually refreshing. So there I am enjoying the moment and this dark SUV goes by and stops at the corner. Then backs up to where I am. So I'm thinking they are lost, need directions.
The driver's side door opens and out folds this woman, she is tall, long legs and smiling from ear to ear. Then I realize I know this woman. A former student, Laura. She sits on the steps and we talk for almost 45 minutes about art, life, and our time together. It doesn't occur to me to ask what she is doing out on a Monday morning at this hour but her visit is such a welcome break. As she leaves she asks if she can visit here again. Needless to say she is welcome. I can't help that this is like sneaking out of a really boring lecture to make images. I have to go outside more often. I have to slip away from class more often. I have to invite people to drop in here. So drop in!

Oh, the below-posted image is by one of my very talented students Yana.

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