Sunday, April 24, 2005


Riding home this morning, it's kind of gloomy, drizzling, cold. Then as I come over the rise on Rt. 17 into Mahwah, I see the mountain. It's half shrouded in fog. Looks like something out of Transylvania. But the mountain looks different than it did yesterday. Suddenly everything is in bloom. We went from brown to green overnight.
Spring has arrived in a big way on the mountain. And tonight the tree frogs started their annual migration across Stagg Hill. (For some reason they cross the road by the thousands from west to east. They do this particularly when it is raining and tonight it is pouring. They make a lot of noise too. You'd swear you were in a jungle or rain forrest. To see this is amazing. Something almost biblical about it. We also had some thunder and lightning. You would think that would scare the cats but they seemed to be enjoying the show. I wish they (The cats) could see the frogs, they would really go nuts.

The two girls below are classmates who were generous enough to slip away with me from class and take part in my bathroom project. No, they don't typically smoke in the men's room, but I think they like the concept.

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