Monday, April 04, 2005


Never mind the rain... Jennifer and Lorraine, you never fail to impress me, but this time we really went too far! I'm still seeing stars. I can't wait to show you this.
Then Melissa arrives and totally hammers this project. Bernard, thanks for putting everyone at ease.

Sunday I find myself in a completely different place, church. John and Rose Russo renewing their vows 50 years later. They looked like a million bucks each. Danced with Rose, then slipped out quietly. I'm really happy for them, they looked like they were having a great day. They are both a great influence in my life. A bit odd being under the same roof with the 5 sisters.

All this took what little attention I have to spare off the Pope. I guess in the grand scheme of things he was a great leader. Even if he left so many with issues about their faith. Better luck to the next guy.

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