Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dog days of Summer

It's hot out. (Now there is a revelation) Yeah, it's August and of course it's hot out. And I have to think it is affecting everyone in some way. Even if they only go from one air-conditioned environment to another all day.
With me, it makes me want to get out on the street and look. My brain cells get a little bit cooked, but I ove summer light, early morning and late evening. Even in the midday sun when I can find deep shadows. And shooting at night is an adventure. The heat drives people out of doors.
And women, God bless them! They dress for the weather amongst other things. I sometimes I think I can just sit there and watch them sweat.
The down-side seems to be everyone's on the move, traveling, vacationing or being otherwise entertained. Connecting, scheduling is so much more difficult in summer. Everyone becomes social butterflies, weddings, showers, events and the like.
That work thing keeps getting in the way.
My eyes are so greedy. I want time to see it all. I'm going to be a pest. I'm going to keep asking. The calendar is my friend. On the mountain the light is filtered. On the street it seems to be bounced off two or three surfaces before it reaches eye-level. Come out and look with me, step out into the light. I'm waiting for you.

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