Sunday, August 21, 2005


OK, I don't understand the whole Hummer/SUV thing. I see them at the pumps and wonder what everyone is thinking. But I do appreciate advertising. Not sure what dance has to do with stupidity. But the commercial is very slick. Click on the link and enjoy the video:



Yes! This ad campaign has certainly captured my eye as well...even if I will never purchase the vehicle. I went to the Hummer website to try to find a credit for the dance troup, but found nothing. Anybody reading this know anything about the dancers?

Dave Harty said...

I personally liked the Hummer ads where they made the truck look like a transformer! Speaking of SUVs, I want to put stickers on gas pumps that say "Driving an SUV means never having to worry about the price of gas." and "Don't bitch, this is your fault."