Monday, August 01, 2005


I'm inspired by some events over the last few weeks. I've done some shooting, made some photograms, went to see Cirque Du Soleil "Varakai" which is so cool. I could stare at those people all day. I got to see Monty Python's Spamalot. (So very clever)
And just being in the city at night felt so good. We had a scare on the way home, west on Route 3 just before the Meadowlands there is a bridge spanning the Hackensack River. It's 4 lanes and we were in the 2nd from the right going about 50 mph when a car passed us in the far left lane and suddenly crashed into the wall and shot/spun completely across all 4 lanes of the roadway and our path crashing into the wall on the right side and then coming back at us. Peg was driving and she handled it like a pro. She pumped the brake, merged left and hit the gas and we slipped through a trail of vapor and debris without a scratch. I was/am so impressed with the way she handled it. There was no place to stop on the bridge so we called the local authorities and continued home. It was like something out of a police chase.
I've posted some images from a recent collaboration with my friend Yana. She continues to impress me both with her talents and ideas. That and she is fun to work with. I'm finding myself looking beyond what she is doing and focusing on her. I'm tempted to attempt so much more but my time is so limited. I'll have to continue with small bites at the apple.
I hope to post some more video this week. It's kind of curious in that I'm getting a lot of traffic to the website/blog and people are spending more time here. But no one is posting comments. I'm not sure what if anything that means. Are they being quitely polite? Or am I on the wrong path?

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