Monday, September 12, 2005

Long Week

Pretty good week here... Sat in on one of my first photo instructor's (Back in the 90's - Frank Aiello) class at WPU. It was amazing, like a flashback he picked up right where we left off. So much to learn from that guy.
Then attended a reception for Allumni/graduate students. (I'm both) which was largely social, but I did meet some interesting people and Wendy Erickson's presentation was really good. Lots to be learned from her too!
I had to leave early as the reception/presentations seemed to be going on forever. Thursday, an in-service with the good people from CIT. I can't say enough about these guys. They really have their collective acts together and they have the numbers to prove it. I not only come away from them every time knowing something new and useful, but come away with the sense that I'm on the right track. I'm a believer! Thursday night I attended an opening of Mauro Altamura's in Jersey City. I went to high school with Mauro and now he is the Photo Department Chair at New Jersey City University. His work is genuinely impressive. And I got to hang with my good friend Meliisa B and my former lab assistant Lauren L. A glass of wine, two beautiful women, yeah, I can do that!
Friday evening I attended a wedding. One of my former students invited my wife and I.
I spent some time thinking about my relationships with students. The wedding was a hoot! Kevin's friends and family are like him, warm, generous, and fun to be around.
It occurred to me that I got an e-mail from one of my current students who was amazed that I not only allow her to call me by my first name buit give out my home and cell phone numbers. I had to smile and wondered what some of my colleagues would think of that.
Saturday, a bit fuzzy at first, but a photo shoot with two former students at WPU in the morniong. Amazing stuff, the afternoon spent moving art from one venue to another and the evening, dinner on the deck with my wife. Life is good.
Sunday is mostly entertainment. My mother-in-law's 75th birthday. Lots of guests, family and the like. My wife did an awesome job putting it together. I babrecued and successfuly didn't burn a thing including my pants.
Sunday gets better, The JETS lose, The Yankees beat those fakers from Boston and the GIANTS win.
Well, back to work!

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