Sunday, September 18, 2005

Working for the Weekend

I've been busy, but a fun kind of busy. But if I don't get some new wheels soon, I won't be busy at all. On Friday I had to go for some in-service training at the police academy. I don't normally enjoy those things and sometimes have some issues with the credentials of the instructors and their motivation for even being there. Being a graduate of that institution, I take those kind of things personally. But it was actually mildly interesting and presented in a pain-free manner. (911-mapping)

Then in the afternoon, it was my turn to lecture. I was doing this as a favor for the institute for Learning in Retirement at BCC, and for my own ulterior motives. I was half expecting the older crowd to be a bit difficult, but they were genuinely warm and a different kind of experience. Many times when I teach, my audience is less than enthusiastic. Some are there because they feel obliged to be there in order to get a passing grade. These people were there because they are genuinely interested. It made for a really pleasant experience.

Saturday, two photo shoots, yes, a return to the men's room. (see image attached) It's more than a little provocative but most of what I do is.

I got some e-mail over the weekend, two which really shook me up, one a notice from one of the Vice Presidents of the college. Apparently a member of the library staff was killed in an accident as he was crossing Paramus Road. His name was Anthony Karpi, and while I did not know this man well, I often would see him in the library, always say hello in the hallways. Whenever I had dealings with him he was pleasant, helpful and just seemed like a nice guy. He's going to be in my thoughts for a while.

The other e-mail was far more pleasant, so pleasant in fact I feel like I need to share it:


In a spark of memory your name popped into my head--- why almost 30 years later I have no idea. With the marvels of the internet, a quick search brought me to your web site.
I don't know if you remember me. But, I believe you were my track coach in high school. Both you and Mike? ( last name eludes me). gave me some high school memories I don't forget. to this day I tell stories about running to the GW Bridge from St.Joes!
I've checked your portfolio and the photos are quite interesting. glad to see you're so multitalented.
Well, Just wanted to give a quick hello and let you know of a life you touched a long time ago.
Best Wishes,

Dave Dragonette,BA, MICP

Well, that should be enough for now, The weekend is not nearly over. The GIANTS Monday night against the Aints!
Go Giants!

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