Friday, September 02, 2005

Slow Start

School has officially started, but for me you would hardly notice it. I went to the adjunct conference last night and it was really ordinary. The food was pretty good, but the speakers while genuinely well spoken, were somewhat less than informative. I do have to admit the people from the center for instructional technology keep getting better and better. I'm really impressed with their efforts. But in the middle of a speech, a woman comes into the cafeteria and quietly begins handing out materials asking the adjuncts if they would be interested in unionizing. When she got near the table where some of the department heads and deans were sitting, she was escorted from the room. That was a morbid highlight to the evening.
The department meeting on the other hand was quite enlightening. I think it was as informative for the coordinator as it was for the adjuncts. I was kind of sorry to see that our numbers have dwindled. While enrollment is up in the other disciplines, it appears to be down in the art department. But that is beyond anything any ajunct can adress.

My students are slowly logging into the course and so far the response sounds positive. I hope they are even half as much fun as last semester's lot. I'm sure things will accellerate soon!

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