Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Yes, I was in three places last night. Got in and out of the BCC adjunct conference in record time. There were some unhappy faces there. I'm guessing there was some canceled classes and bumping going on. But dinner was decent, the speeches brief and the meeting, well it wasn't really a meeting. Hardly anything was said which I guess is OK. A lot of people not in attendance but they did not miss a thing!
Flew out the door, sped on Rt. 208, (Badge Americard - Don't leave home without it) to Susan Hammond's thesis reception. I felt bad that I could not stay, made a whirl-wind tour of the gallery, congratulated Susan, suggested to her husband (G-man) that we go blow something up, (It's what he does for a living) said hello to as many people as I could manage and out the door I went.
Next stop Digital Imaging class with Michael Zweibel. I just caught him before he left and spent a few minutes apologizing about being so late. Nonetheless I think this will be a great class with so much to master. I saw Angela DeLaura while I was there and she accused me of being a rabble-rouser. Is that really a word? And am I a rabble-rouser? I'm not sure what she means by that. But it will be good to see her every Tuesday.

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