Monday, January 24, 2005

From Kiki B

Hi Mark, To answer one question... King George got the money for his inauguration from Washington's Home Land Security Fund. Your photos are warm and beautiful on and this darn cold day it is sorely needed. Is the title of your last portrait Warmer or Warner (as in Bra's)?Is this the way to answer a Blog? If not, head me in the right direction. I'll read you often but not necessarily answer. Can I send one of my art works for viewing? I won't be insulted if you say no. If you say yes, I'll have to figure out how to send it. With digital photography taking over, how will it affect your classes? Talk to you soon Kiki

Thank you, I'm still ironing out the bugs in this blog thing, so bear with me.
And I'm not sure about my friend's choice in lingerie but I am sure it sends me to a warmer time.
I welcome sending images to be posted. Send them early and often!
As for changes in the medium, I am keeping up with the technology. I'm affected more by the politics of the institution than I am by changes in the creative process. The medium can change, the faculty/administration can change, but the act of teaching, regardless of innovation, remains the same.

Warmest regards to you and Ed,


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