Friday, January 21, 2005


I'm awash in e-mail. But it's OK, much of it is good. In fact a couple of them made my day. My students are starting to log into the course. Today is only day 2 of their semester. I have to laugh, no snow days for on-line students or me for that matter. No holidays, no nothing!
This should be a fun semester and a real learning experience for all concerned.

New tires and windshield wipers, I feel unstoppable. It feels a bit odd putting new tires on a vehicle with 195,000 miles, call me an optimist. We will see when the Nor-Easter gets here tomorrow.
Plenty of firewood, chili and things to do should we get snowed in.

I'm really motivated to make some images. Join me huh?

They say it cost almost 40 million for the inauguration today. How does anyone justify that?

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