Saturday, January 22, 2005


If I wasn't so inspired I'd want to hibernate. But there will be no hibernation for this bear. Unlike Yogi, I'm not smarter than the average bear and thus I will be working through this storm tonight. How much snow can fall in 12 hours?
There is something quieting about the snow. So, in a way I'm looking forward to it, anticipating it. It even gets the phones to stop ringing. Not that they ring much on the graveyard shift. And the cops are quiet as bad guys don't come out in the snow. In the old days, when I was in West New York, the chief would cook pasta for us and call us in off the road. Those were warm times. I miss that guy. Be a good opportunity to read. I'm reading Weston's day books. My mind keeps drifting to making images. Hope you don't get cabin fever. You know where to find me. Send some warm thoughts!

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